Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday & Tuesday

This is one from today. Daddy took her to this class in the afternoon since I was napping. It was a rough night of contractions that left me with very little sleep.

She had a great day at preschool today. They had a cop come in talk to the kids and show them his squad car. When I asked her about it she said, "Mommy! They don't have handles in the back! Why don't they have handles?"

They also had third graders make puzzles for the preschoolers and had them come in and give them to them and put them together with them. She talked about the "big girl" who gave her a puzzle all day.

This is a picture from Sunday when we did some leaf printing which turned into hand printing. She had fun.

This is from Sunday when we walked to the park. She wanted to make sand angels.

The past few months, dolly has to go everywhere with her. Actually, I think the increased attachment to dolly & dolly becoming her baby happened when she stopped saying that she had a baby in her belly.

Dolly has to go everywhere with her and when I drop her off at preschool she gives her a hug and tells her she will miss her and put hers in her carseat (often times buckling her in) and hugs her when I pick her up.

In these pictures she is pushing dolly on a swing and teaching dolly how to make a sand angel. And this is dolly is the original dolly, the other ones don't hold a candle to first one. Even when it looked identical to one of the others, she could still tell which was the original. This one has seen better days, but dolly is her dolly.

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