Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome Back Fall

Well, our second event of the day was to go hiking and exploring at River Bend Nature Center. I cannot tell you often enough how much we love it there and are so happy we have it near us.The weather was pretty decent, around 50 degrees and the sun was shining, which was a huge help.

This girl runs non-stop these days. She rarely naps, although I make her take a quiet time, which more often than not is not very quiet. But at least it gives me a little down time to get something done and maybe take a nap of my own or relax and read a few pages of something that doesn't have pictures. We still do storytime with her twice a day (before quiet time & before bedtime.) Although lately we aren't able to read as many stories because she asks many questions on every page and we don't want to stifle her curiousity. Besides, it's her storytime, not mine.

Today she asked us to enter the trails a different way and take some trails we have never been on before. I have to admit I was a little nervous because we got on a trail that I didn't know where it led to and I didn't want to get lost & end up starting labor contractions. Obviously, we made it home so we didn't get lost and have to birth baby boy in the woods. But we did find some new & interesting things to look at.

I managed to get her to slow down once in a while to take a few posed pictures, but it was like pulling teeth to get them. I really wanted to get some pictures of her in the fall colors. Daddy & I love the fall and it's just so pretty & smells so nice & has so many great memories.But about her slowing down -- seriously, it's like she is stuck on one speed these past few weeks and she doesn't even nap to restore some energy. She just keeps going. Although, I have to wonder if that is what I am like when I am not pregnant.

This is a picture Isabel took today. She is quite good with a camera. I wish our old one we gave her had not broken. I have not given up on it and may see if I can repair one of them. Otherwise, once we have some extra cash I would like to buy her a cheap, but decent camera. She loves to take pictures, but I don't like to hand over my camera or camera phone to her.

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