Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy Saturday

Well, we started out our day at the Faribault Library for a special Maisy storytime. The read a bunch of Maisy books & we sang songs, then Maisy came out to greet the kids. Isabel was very excited to see the "real" Maisy. We don't even watch the cartoon. She watched one video over & over once, but everything else has been books. We have a couple of Maisy books and have checked out several others from the library.Anyways, after a while, Maisy left and the kids received coloring sheets of Maisy and began to color. The kids started to leave, but about 1/3 (including us) stayed and colored and read our own Maisy books. Then Maisy came back out again and Isabel was able to give her two hugs. That just made her day. Her friend Kynnedie (from preschool & gymnastics) was there too.

This evening we went outside & daddy raked up some leaves into a pile so that she could play in them. She has been asking to go play in a leaf pile, but the leaves took forever to start turning colors and we still have little leaves on the ground. We need a couple nice windy days to knock a bunch down and then we'll have a nice big pile for her.

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