Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preschool Halloween Party

Parents were invited to come to preschool today for the last hour for their Halloween party to see all the kids dressed up and watch them parade around the school, have snack, hear a story, and watch them do some songs.

It is interesting watching the kids and seeing who they gravitate towards as friends. Even at age 3 they quickly develop friends. This is actually the first time Isabel gets to pick out friends that mommy didn't. Granted, several of the kids in her class we alreadydo some playdates with or she has gymnastics class with. But there is one girl in her class that I didn't know the parents of that she seems to really like and has asked me for a playdate with several times. Her parents came today, so I was able to introduce myself and give her my contact info. Turns out that their little girl only talks about Isabel at home. So, sometime after the baby is born we will set up a playdate with them.

As we watched them act out the motions to "Going on a Bear Hunt", both mommy & daddy couldn't help take notice that Isabel has daddy's preference for choreographed dance, which is to not do it. She would do it if she looked over at me and I would do it.

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