Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Fun & Lots of it

This morning, daddy & Isabel went to the Lowe's Build & Grow clinic to make a ball toss game. These clinics that Lowe's offers are great for her. She loves getting badges and making stuff. Like most three year olds she starts to get distracted half way through the project and wants to make something else using the leftover pieces. I dropped them off & ran and errand while they did it, then I picked them up and we headed over to McD's to have a treat & let her play at playland for 45 minutes. Then it was off to the grocery store so daddy could do a beer run & Isabel could ride the penny horse.

Here is Isabel & daddy painting pumpkins. They are not quite finished yet. They are letting them dry and will paint a face on them. So, stay tuned for a picture of the finished pumpkins. They painted the small pumpkins that they got on their school field trip yesterday. They also painted my baby belly. Daddy said my belly was big & round like a pumpkin now, so I said they could paint it. You can see pictures of that on the baby blog. Isabel said she wants to paint my belly again, but I told her this would probably be the only time.
We have a pumpkin to carve too, but she really wanted to paint her small ones first. So, it will probably be tomorrow that we get to carving one.

Here she is painting some paper to wrap the presents for her baby brother's birth that she bought last night at Target. She picked out a bib, onesie, and toy. She really wanted a bib that said Baby Henry on it and didn't quite understand why Target would not carry something like that. If I had been on top of my game I would have bought a plain bib and helped her use fabric paint to write it on. Anyways, she was fine with the bib she picked out because it had words on it, words were the most important thing. Apparently it saying Baby Henry was just a bonus.

First thing this AM she wanted to go outside & see the snow, our first snow of the season. Of course it all melted as soon as the sun came out today. She was disappointed there wasn't more, but still excoted none the less. She wants to know when we will get more and is really looking forward to the day she gets to watch the snow flakes fall.

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