Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Sunday Pictures

We made sugar & spice roasted pumpkins seeds from the pumkpin that daddy carved. This was a pumpkin that we grew in our garden. Isabel had a good time making these and loved eating them even more. I have to say, I much prefer them to be sugar & spice rather than just salted, much more tasty.
I made some accessories for Isabel's tiger costume. The costume, which I bought from Target, was just a one-piece jumpsuit type thing. So, I used an old black headband and hot glued some ears I cut out of black felt on top. And then a braided some of this textured black yarn & tied it to make a tail and stitched that to the backside of her. So, now her outfit is complete. I looked at buying a ears & tail combo, but Wal-Mart wanted $5 for it and I knew I had the supplies to make it. I just needed to make the time to make them (which they didn't take long at all) before the baby came. Anyways, she LOVES the ears. She says she can be a tiger with them or a cat or a bat. I am sure she will come up with more animals to be with them.

Part of how she helped out with the pumpkin carving was to tell daddy what she wanted the pumpkin to look like. He drew out designs she suggested on newspaper that lined the floor and she would yea or nea it. He couldn't figure out exactly what she wanted the mouth to look like, so we told her to show us what the scary pumpkin face should look like.

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