Wednesday, October 07, 2009

River Bend Nature Center w/ MOMS Club

I can't say this enough. We love going to RBNC and it was fun to go there with so many friends that had never been there before. It was certainly a fun, exciting, & challenging time with being 37 weeks pregnant. The kids are such explorers and it wasn't as easy as it used to be to keep up with them and they didn't always like the nice paved trail and decided going up the slippery hillside was more fun. And then there was the point where I was the closest adult (still about 10-15 feet away though) when one of the kids decided to jump in the turtle pond (luckily it was warm out, his mom had a change of clothes and the water levels are extremely low this year) and was in up to his hips. Scared the bee-jeezus out of me as I saw him get in a jump stance and make the jump. It was covered in duckweed & he had never been there before, so he didn't realize it was water. Still scared me.

We explored under rocks and found some slugs, roly-polys & worms. Not as many bugs as we usually find, probably because of the cold we have had recently and the immense amount of rain in the last couple days. The frogs & turtles all appeared to have gone underground already too. But they kids did love touching & holding a slug & worm that we did find.
And Isabel loved collecting the largest leaves she could find. She found several of them and made a bouquet of them.
Before this playgroup for MOMS Club, we had a few friends over for our own playdate and made Milk Jug Catch Games, which you can read about on the Green Blog. Isabel loves to be crafty. We served everyone the overnight blueberry coffeecake that Isabel & I made. It was very tasty.
Then we went to my OB appt and finally grocery shopping. It was a very filled day from about 9am-3pm. How she can do all that & not take a nap, I don't understand. I am about ready to pass out myself.

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