Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fabric Ghost Decorations

Isabel told me yesterday that she thought we should have more Halloween decorations and we noticed someone had some small ghosts hanging in a tree in their front yard. So, I grabbed a sheet that was torn up to use for rags, some yarn, and permanent markers and we got to work making some ghosts to hang from the hooks on our front porch. Originally I thought about putting them in the crabapple tree, but it has been raining all day and didn't want to go out there. Plus, these decorations are really for her. So, since they are on the porch she can see her ghosts, the jack-o-lantern, the Halloween window clings she put up in the dining room window and the spider she has in the window too that she made at yesterday's fun shop class. She is pretty happy with all her scary decorations and was running around on the porch screaming, pretending she was scared. Daddy helped us hang them since I wasn't sure I could reach without standing on something. Isabel & I had a fun time making them, but she does have some permanent marker on her face.
She is a tired girl and is actually taking a nap right now, which she hasn't done in about 3 weeks. I asked her this AM on the way to gymnastics I asked if she wanted a nap with mom and she said dad woke her up too early and would need a nap. Actually, he got her up 30 minutes LATER than normal and was not happy about being awoken. So, after storytime in mom & dad's bed she fell asleep within 10 seconds of my finishing the last book.

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