Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Times

This top picture is of Isabel in the car with her new foam swords. Recently, she has developed an active interest in pirates and started to find things around the house to use as pirate swords. Some of them were not the best choice and could hurt, so I decided it was best to just go to the dollar store & buy some foam swords. We have been playing pirates all day yesterday & today. She takes all the pillows off the couch and puts them in a line and says that is her pirate ship. And her dollies become pirate babies. She doesn't like it when this pirate mommy kidnaps her pirate babies.

This morning we had an apple picking event at one of the playgroup member's house who has a small orchard of about 12 trees. We picked a bunch of apples and already we have made apple sauce, apple butter, & apple cookies. We still have apples left that I will use at a later time.

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