Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At Church

Here are some pictures I took on Sunday when we were at church. They were taken at the end when we were about to have the Annual Celebration, which is a big meal. It was yummy. Our church is currently renting a space as they build a new building which is supposed to be completed this spring. The new building is visible from the highway and it sure is going to be a big place.
So, yesterday we went to swim class and I am taking her out of the class. This is a parent-child class and there were 20 kids with parents in the water with the instructor for a total of 41 people in the water. There was a clearly posted sign that said the pool capacity is 24. How irresponsible of community ed. to violate a health code (and having been a certified pool operator, I know it is a health code and not just a suggestion) and put everyone in danger. I am not about to keep in this class. It is a small pool and was packed. Isabel had no problem jumping in and kicking around her feet, but other kids were scared and having a fearless child so close to them jumping in & swimming around just increased their anxities. And Isabel being the show-off she is in the water would relish in listening to the other parents tell their chld to be brave like "that girl" (Isabel) and jump into the water. But as watch her jump in over & over and further & further out, I was worried that some other child would get caught underneath her jump and both of them end up going under. Seriously, we were on top of each other in there. It was not safe.
Isabel has been enjoying going swimming a lot lately and she is getting so much better. She is really starting to develop some skill (which I believe she may learn very little of in this class because they taught the same thing we learned when she took the class when she was 9 months and now she is almost 2 years & 9 months.) So, I'll just continue to take her on our own time and pay the money to do that rather than lessons at this point. And next time we do lessons I am going to ask to make sure that the enrollment does not exceed the capacity

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Isabel's Mommy said...

I actually called the Department of Health after reviewing the pool health codes online.

I was concerned about me being the b*tch that got kids kicked out of swim class or the person who potentially saved a kid's life or stopped spreading of disease. I decided I can handle being a b*tch, it was the safety I was concerned about.

So, I talked to someone at the Dept. of Health and they confirmed tat capacity was not supposed to be exceeded because the filter can't handle and overload and is unable to work properly and are put more at risk for spreading diseases.

The guy was very concerned about 41 people in the pool and those so many of them being toddlers which are more likely to get sick because their immune systems are not as strong. When I told him that a friend was in a class right before us and it was an infant class and it was just as big, he said he was very worried.

He said he is calling the owner of the pool and telling them they have to enforce the capacity requirements with these classes.

I did talk to person in charge of the youth programs through community education and they are refunding my money and he had no idea about pool requirements & restrictions. He only asked the instructor if she could handle more students in the class. She's a swim instructor, she may not even have a clue about pool codes. I told him he really needs to clear those types of things with the owner of the pool and that the owner is liable for exceeding capacity.

I have a feeling a lot of people will be getting a call in the next couple days about not being able to do the class. They probably won't be happy and I don't know that it will even be explained the danger their kid & themselves were in. They will probably just be mad. But I know I did something that was to protect them.