Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 11th

These top pictures I took with my new camera phone (well, it's a few weeks old now). I took these this morning while we in the car after church. Isabel went to church school all by herself today. Today they learned about God Made the Jungle Animals.

Isabel has really been getting into wanting to do little crafts, which I love to do with her. So, today we made the homemade birdfeeders out of dried grapefuit peels. She used a plastic needle and would run the yarm through the holes I had made. We each made a birdfeeder to put outside.

The other thing we made today was a necklace using beads & a black string, just like they did in the book Paperwhite that we have been reading. Again she used the plastic needle with yarn to string her beads on.

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