Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Recent Activities & more to come....

I forgot to post about some of the fun we had recently. Last week Friday we swimming with our friends Carrie & Gavin. Carrie told us she was pregnant again while we were there. We were supposed to get pregnant together, guess daddy & I need to get cracking. Anyways, the water was nice & warm and it was so nice to go swimming. We swam for about an hour and it would have been longer if it was up to Isabel. That evening we went to Javalive Coffeehouse and listened to some area bands that played there. We were there for almost 2 hours and let Isabel stay up way past her bedtime. But she seemed to enjoy herself.

Today we went sledding with another mom & her boys. And then we went to the library and picked up some new videos & books.

Our friend Cheri posted on our MOMS Club page that she was having contractions & her water broke and she was going to be having her daughter Jackie soon. I hope it went fine. Jackie decided to wait a week past her due date to be born.

I also decided to sign Isabel up for swim lessons. We start in just less than 3 weeks. It's at the pool we were swimming at on Friday. We did lessons there once before and that pool was freezing then, but they renovated and they must have got a new pump and/or heater for the pool. It is much more pleasant.

We had gymnastics today and Isabel had a hard time getting back in the groove of listening to th teacher after having 2 weeks off. Actually, she didn't want the teacher to help her or touch her at all. It's not just the gymnastics coach either, she is like that pretty much everywhere lately. Hopefully some kind of stage she passing through.....

We don't really have any plans for tomorrow. I should really say home and clean the house, but I might try to set up a playdate instead or maybe take her to the Nature Center.

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