Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quiet Time

We're still working out the kinks of quiet time as opposed to nap time. She decided this week that nap time was no longer, but by 4pm she's ready for a nap and it's just too late to take one.

Anyways, she doesn't quite get that she is supposed to stay in her room the whole time. She plays quietly and doesn't disturb me or ask me to play with her, but after a while she ends up playing in the hallway and I have to tell her to go back in her room.

Plus she has this new found sense of power & independence that doesn't jive to well with me at time and leaves me wanting to drink heavily or beat my head against a wall. There have been some rough moments for power struggles in our household this week.

Here's a little video of her at the start of quiet time.

And if anyone is looking for a coloring book to make for someone, here's a fun one of A-Z of foods from the USDA. I am going to print it off soon because we are doing Alphabet as a theme sometime soon. Although I am re-thinking that since she knows all her letters & their sounds. It might just be redundant. I was thinking Fruits & Vegtables would be a good theme, and this coloring book would tie in perfect. Plus, it would be a good way to get her off her sugar kick and explore more fruits & veggies (which she generally loves.) I haven't decided which month I will do it yet, as we are thinking about booking a vacation somewhere warm and I want to tie in the theme for that month with that.

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