Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow Shoeing

Isabel rode in the sled white daddy & I were snow shoeing. She didn't want to try any on. She would lay down on in the sled and drag her hands while we pulled her. She thought she was hilarious for doing it.

Daddy wasn't sosure about going with us, but I think he had fun. Although, the wind was fierce when we were protected by the trees. It was certainly nice to get outside and have fun and not b running from the car to the house in the -20 degrees.

This was the first time that all three of us went snow shoeing. In the collage below you will see Isabel did try them out with daddy.

We went to River Bend Nature Center (we love that place) for their snowshoe event & treasure hunt this weekend. What was kinda neat was they gave us coupon to come back & rent snowshoes free for coming out today for the snowshoe event. I think Isabel & I will come back again sometime. This evening we went out shopping & bought new ice skates for mommy & some ice skates for Isabel. They are big for her, probably will fit her better next year, but we can put lots of socks on and try them out. She wants to go ice skating. I like how adventuresome she is and wants to try everything. She has been asking to go bowling too, which we will probably do this winter some time. Maybe I will see if our playgroup wants to go bumper bowling.

This was taken during the middle of this week. We went swimming with our friends Beth (she's takig the picture) & Aleyah. It has been so nice to go swimming again with Isabel. The pool is warm, which was such a change when we were running from the car to the inside with -20 degrees outside. We have plans to go swimming with them again tomorrow afternoon, along with our friend Carrie & Gavin, and the daddies too (Derek, Kyle & Isabel's daddy.)

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