Sunday, January 11, 2009

Colleecting Box Tops & UPC's

I started emailing this out to some people, but I thougt maybe I would just post it here too:

Our school collects all different kinds of UPCs & boxtops & milk caps and they have been able to buy several new things for the classrooms from the money they get from different places. If you don't already collect these things, it would be greatly appreciated if you would start. Let me know if this is something you are willing to do.

Here's the list:
* Box Tops from Betty Crocker & Pillsbury Products (10 cents)
* Milk Moola from Kwik Trip milk bags & cartons (5 cents)
* Our Family Products - UPC (5 cents)
* Kemp - Caps (5 cents)
* Food Club Products - UPC (5 cents)
* Land'o'Lakes Milk - caps (5 cents)
* Tyson Project A+ - A+ symbol (24 cents)
* Lables for Educations - UPC, see website for extensive list of Campbell's Soups, Tyson, & Goldfish products
*, just by signing up on this website and selecting Medford School, they get credit, plus if you ever buy stuff on there they get money from that too
* They also turn in printer cartiridges, call phones, palm pilots, & laptops and get money for recycling those.They ask that you use a separate baggie for each "category" above so that they know where each ones goes.

Thanks so much if you are able & willing to help out with this.

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