Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice Skating

We took Isabel ice skating for her first time today. We aren't sure where daddy's skates went to (I'm a little suspicious since he wasn't that fond of ice skating) so just mommy & Isabel had on their skates. She didn't last too long, but since daddy was just in boots he could take her to the park to play while mom skated some more.
The Snow Park is new to our town. The city recieved a grant that is paying for it, the warming house & the attendant to staff it, etc. They have 2 small rinks there. One for hockey & one for open skating.
Right now I am listening to Isabel try to tell daddy how to play Gran Turismo 4. She keeps telling him to "STOP!" I think she is afraid he is going to hit something with his car. Time to go eat some supper and them we are meeting friends for swimming.

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