Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picking Out Her Own Clothes

Well, she now wants to pick out all her own clothes. And sometimes she doesn't match at all....like today. Actually, her first outfit wasn't too bad, but then she had to change when she needed to go potty (not because of an accident, but just to change). So, now she has on a white turtleneck with pink ballerinas on it, a summer sundress, black tights and green frog socks.
This morning didn't start off too great for us. It was a huge power struggle and we ended up not going to gymnastics and she had a long quiet time in her room. I did tell her she could read books & (finish) eat her breakfast, but that she needed to stay in her room because mommy was mad at her. She gets quite upset when I tell her she made mommy mad. After her quiet time, when we both cooled down, she told me she was sorry and gave me a hug. I will have to call and see if we can make up missing class with the Monday night class next week.
Isabel also seems to be trying to transition away from naps. I got a lot of advice from other moms and we'll have to see how this goes.
I have some old short videos that you can view:

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