Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Her First Time Bowling

She was very excited to go bowling. One of the moms in our MOMS Club posted on our forum that she was taking her boys bowling today and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join them. Isabel had been asking to go bowling, so I thought we would go. They have a winter pass that allows her 2 games & shoes, Sun-Th, for $25. I think MOMS Club will go in February, so I went for the pass. Besides, I need some stuff to do with her in the afternoon since she is trying to get rid of her nap. It's good util April 30th, so we will have lots of times to bowl.

She was so excited to pick out a ball & wear her bowling shes. She was dancing around and just plain giddy. But by 6th frame she was too tired to carry the ball and by the 8th frame she was asking to go home & take a nap. She can't bowl with one arm, in fact, she needs helping pushing the ball to get it down the lane all the way. Anyways, we came home and she still asked to go upstairs & take a nap and she did.

We also went to visit our friend Cheri, Cole & baby Jackie today. Jackie is just over 2 weeks old now. We went to visit, have a little playdate, bring presents and a meal I made them. I made them Mexican Lasagna, Mexican Rice & Cranberry Coffeecake. We are having all of this too. I double up my recipe when I make something for others. No sense not doing that, as it doesn't take me any longer to double everything. Isabel & I had some of our cranberry coffeecake today for lunch and it is good.

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Phanie said...

That ball is bigger than her. :)