Monday, January 12, 2009

Interesting things from magazines

* PBS Kids Island (play games & learn literacy skills at the same time, ages 2-8)
* Teething Biscuits Recipe (using unbleached flour, ww flour, maple syrup, & applesauce) from Wondertime Magazine Feb '09 issue
* Make colored snow with squirt bottles filled with water & food coloring
* Compostable disposable plates bowls, plates, cups & flatware from Earthshell, Verterra, & World Centric
* Tri-Chair (This is SO NEAT! It changes from a highchair to a rocking horse to an art desk. I love the versitility of it. And even better is that it is mad of recycled sawdust.)
* Versaline Clothesline Drop
* Passive Infared Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor
* Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency -The bummer is that we finished installing windows this year and this year there are no tax credits for it. Same thing with the roof. It's 10% of the cost and that adds up when you have done several windows & a whole roof. Although, we do plan to replace our front door in 2009, so we'll have to remember to get the credit for that. We are also thinking about looking into a new boiler, which will get the credit too as long as it is Energy Star. You can only claim $500 tax credit over the lifetime of the credit, which is 06, 07 & 09. We never submitted our windows in 2006. I am not sure why, as we had an accountant doing our taxes then. They should have asked, but oh well. I guess we'll get it this time if we are replacing more stuff.

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