Monday, January 05, 2009

Pictures from the past week

This was one of our activities today. We talked about how juice was a liquid and she could pour it. We talked about how cold it was outside and what we thought would happen to the juice if we put it outside today. We had been talking about water turning into ice a lot the past week, so she knew the right answer is that it would turn to ice. It was 22 degrees when we put it out there in the morning (hence she is still in her jammies, well, and she's wearing a party hat from church class). After and hour we went to check on it and you can see her checking it out with her finger. It was slushy and we talked about how it was still part liquid and part ice and that is what makes it slush. Then we left it until after naptime and it was 29 degrees then and it still wasn't frozen solid. So, we brought it back in the house and stuck it in the freezer until this evening.

Today we also started learning the 2 snowman songs I posted below. I also went through our books and found 2 books about snowmen that she has been obsessing about today. She keeps saying, "Let's read about Frosty", even though none of the snowmen in the books are called Frosty. She just remembers Frosty from the holiday cartoon special.

Yesterday, she went to church class for the first time. About half way through the service the kids get up to go to their classrooms and she wanted to know where everyone was going. I told her they were going to church class and asked if she wanted to go. She said yes, so we went to the nursery and she saw itw as the nursery and said, "No, this isn't class. I don't want to go here." She's not 3 years old yet, so I didn't know if she would be allowed to go in the class for 3-4 year olds. So, I asked if she could go and offered to stay there with her. She did just fine and I don't think she would have needed to have me there. She learned about how God makes everyone special and we did a little art project with fingerprints, sang some songs, talked about special talents and had a little party to celebrate our specialness.
I took these pictures today, but we actually planted this bulb yesterday. Although yesterday my batteries were dead in the camera and I didn't think to grab my cell phone to take pictures. So, we took some pictures today.

This is from a few days ago. I attempted to have her make q-tip snowflakes, like the ones pictured in the bottom right picture (I made that.) But she had other ideas. She wanted to use the q-tips as a paintbrush and then decided it would be more fun just to finger paint. She fingerpainted on both a blank piece of paper and also a picture of a snowman.
Tomorrow she has gymnastics class again. It is good to be back in a routine. Her school class will start again in a couple weeks.

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