Thursday, January 08, 2009

Making Paper Snowflakes

This evening after dinner, Isabel says, "Mom, let's go make a craft." So, all three of us made paper snowflakes. We have been reading the book Frosty Colors that we have in our personal library. It's a Little Golden Book. Anyways, Stewart Snowman is sick of all the white and suggests the theme of their upcoming block party be "Frosty Colors" and so it must be and they make a bunch of decorations that are colorful. So, we made some snowflakes out of round coffee filters and then colored them with markers and then we hung them from the chandlelier over the kicthen table.

We met some moms & kids from our playgroup at McD's today. It was nice to get out & sit & talk. Isabel and her friend Bella shared some kisses. All of a sudden one mom says "Oh, how cute! They're giving each other kisses." I looked over and asked Isabel what she was doing and she said "I'm just kissing my friend mom."

Tomorrow we are going to meet some friends at open gym gymnastics and then in the afternoon we have a playdate at our friend Lisa's house with her three girls and another mom & her daughter.

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