Friday, January 16, 2009

Let the Warm-Up Begin! PLEASE!

Well, we are staying in again this morning. Schools were delayed 2 hours, but not cancelled like yesterday. I suppose that is because we suppose to go from -26 to +9 degrees today.

So, we are skipping going to the gym (for mommy) and gymnastics open gym (for Isabel) this morning. We did make some smoothies. She's afraid of the blender when it's on, but put everything in there and took the cover off when it wasn't running.

This afternoon we are having some friends over for a smallish playgroup. So, that will be fun. Yesterday we had a playdate with our friends Rebecca, Casey & Dani. Isabel & Casey will be in swim class together in a couple weeks. On Wednesday we met our friends Beth & Aleyah to go swimming for open swim. That was nice because the water was so warm and it was sunny out and the wun was coming in through the windows and it didn't feel like it was below zero outside. We plan to go swimming again on Sunday with some friends. Tomorrow I would like to take her to the Nature Center for their snowshoeing event. I haven't talked to daddy about it and I am not sure if he wants to go with or not.

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