Sunday, March 12, 2006

1st Day of Baby Classes

Yesterday we have a 6 hour baby class, our first of 2. Our final baby class is next Saturday.

It was mainly a lot of review and confirmations for us. Although, I have to say that it did cause me to question my thoughts on what medicines to use or not use. I think we'll just go with the flow and do what we want at the time -- maybe I'll need something, maybe I won't, maybe I'll need more. I am not going to set the expectation either way.

We talked about the stages of labor & phases within the stages. Nothing new there for me, as I have been doing a lot of reading. Also practiced breathing & massage techniques for daddy to do on me. And we watched several videos - they were decent & tasteful.

The nurse doing the class was trying to make it more interactive, but no one beside daddy & I were really asking questions or making comments. Actually, no one really seemed all that thrilled to be there, or maybe they were half scared out of their minds that they are going to have a baby soon.

I can't remember what we do for the 1st half of the class next Saturday, but during the 2nd half we will tour the hospital and meet with some staff and also meet with the lactation consultant.

31 weeks today - we're getting there.

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