Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today's Doctor Appt.

Everything looks good. Still on track for 5/21, unlike all my other pregnant friends who keep getting their due dates pushed up.

People have been commenting that my stomach doesn't look big enough for 31 weeks & I asked the doctor about that. His response was that my uterus measure just where it should be right now and that because I am taller than many women I have more space for the uterus to spread upwards rather than outwards. He said there is still some space there to go upwards for a couple more weeks, so I may not see my stomach really sticking out far until after that.

I'm going to appointments every 2 weeks now, for the next 3 weeks. And then after that it will be weekly appointments until the baby comes.

I asked if I get another ultrasound before the baby comes and I heard a "No, unless there are some complications or the baby doesn't seem to be growing anymore, but so far she looks good and is on track so there is no need." So, I just get to hear her heartbeat every time. It was around 130 bpm this time.

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