Saturday, March 04, 2006

Braxton-Hicks & Other Stuff

Ok - I've decided I really don't like "What to Expect When You Are Expecting". I went back to reading it again, as there are some good questions in there that are answered. But I gotta tell you, as a first-time mom I was completly freaked out & worried about how much it talks about death. The first trimester I was so scared of having a miscarriage from how often it was brought up in the book. No other book I have was it brought up so much. I gotta tell you, it scared the be-jeezes out of me. I put that book aside for several months and picked up some other ones, which I liked so much better.

My favorite so far is called From Here to Maternity by Connie Marschall. I thought the information was presented clearly and simply. I have some other good books too.

But I apparently didn't learn from the first trimester and went back to reading WTEWYAE, and it is still to morbid for me, even in the 3rd trimester. It may be a good book for some, as it did answer some really good questions, but I attribute having much more worry that I should have because of reading it.

Anyways - I have been reading about the Braxton-Hicks contractions recently and now that I know how they feel right now, I know that was was going on. I just thought the baby was just pushing against my abdomen for a while. But nope - it was BH contractions.

The baby has hiccups right now......she gets them a couple times a day.

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