Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stomach Hair

The daddy was making fun of me for some excess hair on my belly, some of it quite long. I have to admit I am kinda self-conscious about it, and like other comments I saw posted online, was afraid the doctor thought I was a freak.

I had read that because of the extra hormones during pregnancy, women tend to grow excess hair on their stomachs, nipples & faces. Oh great. But I really didn't think much of it until one night when daddy was laying his head on my stomach talking to baby girl and commented on it.

So, back to the internet to see just how normal this is. It's not like a have a hairy man's chest or anything, just these blond hairs (some are getting long.) You can read others' comments here @ Babycenter. Here's an article about hairy nipples; I'm pretty thankful I don't have that. Here's a blog that someone actually posted a picture of their hairy belly. Here's another blog of someone who struggled with a hairy belly. At babycenter I answered this question about excess body hair and the results were that 67% of people had excess hair (39% belly, 14% all over, 6% chin, 3% nipples, & 1% mustache).

So, why post about it if I feel self-conscious? Well, I figure that in order to get over it I need to face it as an issue and then help others understand that they are not weird or anything, but it is normal and does occur. I am not exactly fond of body hair (except head & pubic areas) on anyone, so it's kinda annoying.

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

Here's what my friend Alicia emailed:

I also liked your little note about belly hair! You will notice it a lot around the line that starts to go up your stomach. Also if you are going to get shaved, do it yourself. They tend to get a little high and now I have hair growing out of areas unknown to man!!