Saturday, March 04, 2006

All Prepared for Leakages

Ok - bring in on! I'm prepared for various leakages. I bought several different disposable nursing pads, plus have some cloth ones. Got some of the nipple cream Kristin mentioned I should get, as well as the stool softener she suggested. And bought a A Pea in a Pod sleep bra, which I have worn a couple of nights and seems very nice (I think I'll get another one of these, but I might try another brand to see which I like better), got 1 nursing tank (like this one, but in white - daddy seems to think this is how all tank tops should be made) with the quick release, and bought a bunch of maxi pads. I bought one regular nursing bra online, and I still need to see how that fits with some pads in it, then I'll decide if I want anmore of that kind/size, plus I need to see how big my breasts get when my milk comes in.

Anything else I need for myself to be prepared?

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