Friday, February 02, 2007

It Happened! FIRST TOOTH!

She got her first tooth today. It is her front bottom left one. It caught me by surprise because I was expecting it to be a top one. Her top four front teeth are all ready to come through. It's only a matter of time.

It'll be a while before I ever get a picture of her tooth because it is just broken through and whenever we try to look at her bottom teeth she sticks out her tongue. It'll be easier once the top ones come in or it grows in further.

She also had a great night and morning. She slept the entire time in her crib and only got me up once. And all morning she kept saying mama and dada.

We have friends coming over for dinner tonight, so hopefully she stays asleep nicely. The previous 2 nights, before last night, she got me up twice. I have been very happy with her getting me up only once or twice. I hope it lasts a while.

She is starting to eat a lot more adult food and seems less interested in baby food. She used to only eat baby food and cereal and puffs. She still loves her puffs, but now is also eating pieces of cheese slices, banana slices, green beans, and Clifford Crunch. Now that she mashing down she can eat the harder cereals. She also loves her organic teething biscuits. This weekend we are going to try pasta. We tried pancakes last weekend and she wasn't sold on plain pancakes. I tried yogurt and cottage cheese a few weeks ago and she hated it, but it was also around the time she was sick, so I will try and again and hope it's better. She does like vanilla ice cream - but who can blame her on that.

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