Saturday, February 17, 2007

Learning at the Science Museum

This One is Yellow.
We were in the area about learning about the body, genes, and nutrition. I am not sure what the blocks were there for, but she liked pounding them and putting them in and out of the box.

This One is Red.

They has had boxes of play food there, but when she saw those she immediately would spit out her pacifier and try to stick them in her mouth, so block play it is!

How Come None of these Look Like Me?

They had a little play area in the Race Exhibit. This was the special exhibit that I wanted to see. I certainly did not learn as much while having Isabel with. By time we got to the Race Exhibit she really wanted to get out of the stroller and play and move around. So, I carried her and she seemed super excited about every area we moved to within the exhibit. I was glad they had a little kids play area ni that exhibit.

I tried finding one that would look like her or her friend Luis, but no such luck. No blond hair white women or girls or any Hispanics at all.

So, What You're Saying is Race is a Relatively New Concept.

I really wish I could have read more of the items in the exhibit. It was really interesting, but she was getting really restless.

We were smart and went there in the morning. By the time we left in the afternoon, parking spots were at a premium and our spot was very desirable.

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