Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bath Time Fun

What Do You Get When You Cross a Turtle w/ a Duck?
She got these set of big turtle and three little turtles as Valentine’s present from her grams and gramps. She likes to set all different toys on top of the big turtle. She tries to eat the big turtles face, since she can't really get it in her mouth like the others.

Mmmm! Turtle Head!

She was super excited when I first opened it and the baby turtle went straight in the mouth. The problem is that there are 3 baby turtles and she only has one mouth. She was playing with it in the living room last night (before we brought it upstairs for bath time.) She got super pissed when we tried taking them away from her. This girl could possibly throw some wicked tantrums when she gets older.

I Love Taking a Bath.

She loves taking a bath, but it the getting ready for bed that she's not that fond of. It's not all that fun to get jammies on and she is so tired. She goes to bed around 6:30pm on the average night and will normally sleep between 11-12 hours. The last couple of nights she has slept 12.5 hours and also added some extra time to her nap(s) as well. I was trying to find if babies sleep more during growth spurts or what. She is 9 months this week, another growth spurt time and she hasn't gone through it (as of my measurements on the 7th) yet. From what I have been reading, then get fussier - which she certainly has this week, but her sleep has also increased and it's been good sleep (so far!) So, who knows. We have her 9 month doctor appointment this week Thursday. I'll see what she says.

Say Cheese!

We had Auntie Razz help us with the bedtime routine. This is what her night looks like ona normal night: 5pm - Dinner, 5:15 Play in Room/Crib, 5:30 Bath, 5:45 Lotion; Jammies; Diaper; Brush Hair; Brush Teeth, 6:00: Nurse, 6:30: Asleep in Crib

So, Auntie Razz played with her. Isabel seems to like her and she makes her smile, so she seemed to have fun playing with her. Auntie Razz is pregnant with her first so we were just walking her through what we do.

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