Saturday, February 03, 2007

37 Weeks & A Second Tooth

She got her second tooth today. It wasn't there this morning, but after her afternoon nap it was. This time it was her top left front tooth.

Today she tried mac-n-cheese for the first time and liked it. She also had some Ritz sticks. She loved those. Both daddy and I were in awe watching her eat the Ritz sticks. She would stick it in back to where her molars will be and will bite off a chunk, eating the whole stick in 4-5 bites. It was just amazing watching her because we never gave her things to eat in bites (where she had to make the bites herself.) She kept looking at us as if she was wondering why we were starring at her. It was as if she was thinking, "I'm just eating. I know how to do that. What's so amazing?"

Another thing we really like is the Avent Magic Trainer Cup. We were using a Nuby tippy cup before, but it would always let out too much liquid. This Avent cup is great. It lets out just the right amount of liquid for her. And the really nice thing is that the handles are attached to a ring that gets secured down by the spout attachment, so when she doesn't need handles anymore they can go away.

She pretty much doesn't want babyfood anymore and I have a bunch of it. I guess I will give it away to my friend Carrie, who just found she is expecting a boy in June, and/or my sister Miranda who is expecting in September. I'll still keep trying with some of it, but I have a bunch of it. She just wants to chew the same kind of food we eat.

Last night we had a dinner party with some of our friends and Isabel's playmate Noah was here. His parents said he ate a whole cheeseburger from Mickey D's (cut up into pieces, of course!). It's amazing. He's almost 10 months old and can eat a whole cheeseburger. He likes to eat everything, including peppers, mushrooms (they were on a pizza he was eating) and chicken nuggets. And last night he had his first chocolate, by accident. Isabel's daddy saw him with chocolate in his mouth and said he had the biggest grin on his face, as if he was thinking, "I loooooove chocolate!". It was kinda cute. But as a mom, I understand the concern about your baby trying something like chocolate for the first time.


Skye said...

I can't beleive how old she is already! When my boys were teething, they got lots of graham cracker sticks and zweiback(spelling?) cookies. But a word of caution with both. Make sure they eat them without clothing. They are messy!
I also remember Tye eating his first McDonald's french fry at this age. Seemed like he gummed the first one forever, but he loved every minute of it.
But the messiest thing I let him eat (only once) was a push up pop, the sherbet popsicle thing. He had the best time playing with it and was such a mess! He wore more than he ate.

Isabel's Mommy said...

She has teething biscuits she likes and get them all over her clothes and us. I generally only give them to her after I pick her up from daycare.

Today I think we will try pudding. We might video tape that one.