Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

She got a new valentine's sweater from mom & dad. It is very cute on her. I thought she would play with the fringe, but not really. She got valentine's at daycare with lots of treats that she can't eat but mom & dad can. I made homemade valentine's from her for daycare, daddy, & grandparents. I thought they were nice. She got a valentine in the mail from grandma and granpa and chewed the ears off the bear. Silly girl. Her valentine from grams and gramps is coming with her Auntie Razz & Uncle Shane who are coming to visit this weekend. They are going to babysit one night so mommy & daddy can go hang out.

Apparently her little boyfriend at daycare was giving her lots of kisses today. The daycare lady took lots of pictures of them and showed them to me this afternoon. I asked her to get me a copy of the one where they are both kissing each other. I'll have to scan that in for all to see.

Happy Belated Birthday to Uncle J!

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