Sunday, February 18, 2007


Chicken Nuggets
We met Auntie Razz & Uncle Shane at the nearby Rock'n'Roll McDonald's for lunch today. She had her first chicken nuggets and liked them, plus she had fries again and some of dad's vanilla shake. We were in the play land side, but the other side has a bunch of rock-n-roll memorabilia in it. Kinda neat. They have a little slide there for toddlers. It was just big enough that I could put her at the top and lean grabs her hands as she slid down. The rest of the stuff in the play land will be fun for her in a couple of years.

Last night I gave her some leftover Tombstone pizza. The crust gets soft when you reheat it in the mirowave -- so that worked out well. It had pepperoni on it and she liked it just fine. Yesterday at breakfast, we tried pancakes again. It was the same pancakes I tried last time. This time she was loving it, where last time she didn't care for it.

And today for breakfast I made crockpot apple cinnamon oatmeal (w/ whipped topping) and she really wanted to share mine with me. She liked it just fine. Although she did learn that the middle is warmer than the outside. She likes to touch her food now and was touching the outside and then decided to shove her hand in the middle. It wasn't hot, just a little warm, but enough that it scared her a little. It's nice that she is really wanting to eat stuff that we do. In the morning she also likes to share pieces of my bagel w/ cream cheese with me.

Baby Toys

On the happy meal bag it said that toys for kids under 3 were available upon special request. So, I sent daddy to exchange out toy. They should have seen that we had a baby and offered that right away -- but the guy was an idiot that took our order. I took this picture just as we were leaving. She was very pleased with her new toy. I am glad they offer baby toys because she was trying to get at the other toy and I didn't want her to have it.

Speaking of rock-n-roll.....she's still not crawling, but this morning she rolled over halfway across the living room to get from where she was sitting over to the chair I was sitting in. It was very cute. She would roll over and then look to see how much further she had and then roll again and then when she got to a point that she couldn't roll anymore without rolling into the foot stool she yelled up at me. So, she certainly is figuring out ways to get around. She starting to show interest in pulling herself up, but hasn't done that yet.


Kendra said...

I love the purple gangsta girl outfit in the picture of her with the toy ;-)

Adorable :-)

Isabel's Mommy said...

That's her snowsuit. She went through 3 different sizes during the course of this winter. This one will take up through the end of winter. This one I got at the Salvation Army for a few bucks.

I think it kinda looks like a clown costume.

Kendra said...

I see! It is probably her hands that make her look like a gangster to me. It looks like she is flashing a "M W"... East Side, West Side... Mid West?