Thursday, February 22, 2007

These were her newborn footprints......

Now, keep in mind in these pictures they are not the actual size they were at birth. But look at the little toes.
I have this "kit" that I was supposed to make footprints or handprints with and then they go in a frame with her picture. I tried doing the footprint thing and it didn't take very well. Then I got the bright idea to scan in the prints made at her actual birth and have those made into photos.
A little bit of photoshop work and several copies printed off to make sure I had made them the actual size and I had beautiful footprint photos to hang in the frame with a picture from her birth.

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Meow said...

YIIIIIIKS. Your word verification code was Iraqq!?!?!?!?!?

I remember seeing my little feet on some document that my mother always kept.
Now my friends call me Sassquatch. I'm 5'1" wearing size 9 and my winter ducks are size 10 narrow!!!!