Friday, February 23, 2007

Reading Her Favorite Book

Blach, blah, blah......
She loves this Baby Faces book. I got in from the library book sale. It must have been a donated book because it was not one with a library code on it. Anyways, she loves it and she you take it out to read to her, she reads to you. She lays back on your chest and just talks through the entire time you turn the pages. She has started talking a lot while I read to her, but this one she just takes over on.
So Excited About Reading

She has really been enjoying looking at the pictures. She still likes to try and eat books, but now she likes to look at the pictures too.

She is starting to be more of a cuddler now. She likes to cuddle a little bit when I first get her out of bed and if she starts getting sleepy she likes to cuddle, or if I read her some stories (sometimes she is a cuddler, sometimes she is not.)

She was just relaxing with dad and reading while I finished getting ready. He's still in his jammies.

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