Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Poses

Check Out My New Hat!
I bought this hat when I was pregnant and we were in Tampa. I thought it was so darling and wanted it for her and as fast as she is growing I was beginning to worry I might not see it on her.
On Your Mark, Get Set!

No crawling yet, but she's working on it. She getting that butt in there air. Daddy almost made her crawl to get the pacifier she really wanted.

This Kitty Will Let Me Pet It.

She got this little kitty at Christmas time from her Aunt Lisa & Uncle Chris. It has a rattle in it, so she likes to bang it around. Once she starts crawling, Larry will have to run for cover. He got a little taste of it on Friday when Noah went crawling after him. Larry just looked at him as is he was thinking, "Hey! This one moves. You're not supposed to move."

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Drea said...

shes such a doll. Im all for the pacifier.. but ill give you the advice my friend gave me when Caleb almost turned 1... TAKE IT AWAY AT A YEAR hahaha. Its so much easier at a year than at 2 or 3 yrs... seriously.. trust me. I have numerous friends kicking themselves for not taking their baby's pacifier away when I took calebs. Caleb fussed for a day or so at nap times but was fine in less than 3 days. I replaced his pacifier with a blanket. He still sleeps with the blanket at night and naps but thats it. I gave him one of Taites pacifiers the other day ... just to see what he'd do. He didnt even remember it. :-)