Tuesday, February 20, 2007

9 Months Old

So, how did I get this open before?
It is so hard to believe it has been 9 months already. When everyone tells you that times goes by fast, you just don't understand because you are just waiting for them to stop crying so you can get some sleep. But now it just seem like the days just coast on by.

Tetris on my cell phone is so much fun!

She got her 6th tooth today. The corresponding top one. I don't see any others coming in yet, but who knows when those other bottom two will pop on out. She was pretty cranky last night and today and I knew that it had to be cutting through. Although, so far, she has handled getting her six teeth in much more pleasantly than others have described it. Knock on wood!

Daddy's Home!

I took this picture of her just as daddy was walking in the door and she saw him. Tonight he came to swim class with us and came in the water with us too. She was loving all the attention from both of us and kept paddling her arms (so much more than ever before) to get to each of us. We tired her out. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight (last night she got me up 3 times, which she had not done in a few weeks). She always seems to sleep well on swim class nights.

Daddy, how did you get so tall?

He was standing above her and she was just staring up at him in awe.

Next week is our last week of swim classes for this session. I don't know if they are offering any other classes in the next few months. We may have to wait until summer to take classes again. At least we have the water park wristbands we can use some afternoons and we will go swimming (if the weather is cooperative) when we go to Texas for a vacation at the end of March.

Thursday is her check-up w/ her doctor. So, then we will get a nine month weight and length. Friday is her Gramps's birthday. And Sunday her grandma and grandpa and cousin Travis are coming to babysit her in the afternoon so that mommy & daddy can go see a play at the local theater.


Meow said...

Girl's a ham. She plays Tetris. OMG that's cute. Hope she's not traumatized from the MD visit. Poor munchkin.

Isabel's Mommy said...

no shots this time, so it should be ok.

Isabel's Mommy said...

I guess her cousin isn't coming anymore.