Monday, February 19, 2007

Picture Day Again

Happy, Smiling Baby
We had a full schedule for her today with mommy having the day off work for President's Day. She was supposed to have her picture taken in the morning, then a playdate, and then a relaxed afternoon. Well, she took a long morning nap through her picture appointment, so we re-scheduled for this afternoon after her afternoon nap. And her playdate has the flu, so that was cancelled. It's all ok though. We were just going with the flow today.

This was the first time she didn't get upset and cry when we went to a portrait studio. I was a little frustrated that they once again changed the package type/size. It was much smaller and I didn't have enough of the right size pictures to give out. I'll have to make some minor adjustments. They also had a special going on for 20 picture cards for $10. I asked how big the picture is on the card and they said it was about a 3.5x5....Hmmmm....just the size I was going to get more of, but I was only going to get 4 of that size for $10. I mentioned this to the lady and she said I was the 2nd person to figure that out, but that most didn't. So, I ordered the package of the "first" pose and ordered cards of another pose. It's weird how they do the "pose" thing, but I work with it. We got some nice smiling pictures this time. I am glad she broke out of the "I'm Serious Baby" thing. She was probably not smiling much for a while because of her teeth coming in.

Speaking of teeth -- I forgot to mention yesterday that she got in her 5th tooth. This one is the 2nd one on the top left. The corresponding right one will be following shortly I am sure.

The outfit she is wearing is what she wore for pictures. I was a little worried that she would get it dirty since I put her in it first things this morning and out appointment wasn't until 3pm.


I just felt like taking some close-ups. Sometimes it's nice to see the little detail in their hands and face.

Just Looking

She has beautiful long eyelashes. Perhaps from mommy?

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