Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going to Swim Class

Here she is getting ready to go to swim class. The locker room situation is less than ideal, so we just get out suits on at home and put clothes over than and go there. The hotel is only a couple miles away, so it's fine. We do change out of our wet suits there.
Tonight she was squeling with delight once we got there and got in the water. She has never done that before. So, it was pretty neat to see that she enjoys being there. The water was warm tonight and we had a good time.
ECFE class was fine last night. She fell asleep in my ams before it was over. I was worried about trying to get her back to sleep once we got home, but she did fine with it.
I am thinking it may not have been eczema, but I am not a doctor, so what do I know. We started using hypoallergenic soap & lotion (& lotioning every day) and now the dry spots seem to be going away and she isn't getting red much. So, maybe it was just irritation to her dry skin. I know I have had some really dry skin and what looked like rash after I got out of the tub too. I seem even more particularly dry this winter.

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