Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Attack Party at Faribault Public Library

This afternoon we went to the Art Attack Party at the Faribault Public Library. It was quite busy, but she didn't seem to mind and had a great time making all sorts of things. She made a paperbag puppet all by herself (you can't see it but she drew on a nose & mouth in the correct spot, which is awesome for her age), a mask (covered in feather), a pipecleaner creation (she had some name for it, which I can't remember), got her face painted and got a tattoo, played bean bag toss, and made edible art. The beaded snake/necklace/bow/tie (whatever she decides it is at that moment) is from our playdate this morning. She worked hard on getting that long string all the way full.

She finished all her reading for the summer reading program at this library and got the other 3 prizes (her first prize was a duck finger puppet) which are a box of colored chalk, a slinky and a book. She thought it was pretty cool that she got so many prizes for reading she enjoys anyways. I hope she always loves to read.

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