Friday, July 03, 2009

Too Much Fun

We started out the morning with our usual Friday playgroup. During the school year we meet in the late afternoon because one of the moms is a teacher, but during the summer it's fair game, but we still try to keep in on Fridays. This is our small playgroup (minus one of the babies that stayed home with daddy for naptime this morning) which is a part of our big MOMS Club.

The kids had so much fun. Yesterday afternoon, Isabel & I (well, mainly I) set up the tent. I thought the kids would get a kick out of playing with that. And they loved it. I was going to get out the bounce house, but I didn't need to do that. It was 2.5 hour playgroup and we had a morning snack & lunch as part of it. The girls play so nicely together. It was fun watching little Gavin, who is turning one next week, try to get in there and be right with the girls. He didn't want to miss any of the action.

After lunch, our family from Spain (Uncle Brian, Auntie Ana & cousin Andres) came to hangout with us for the day. I was surprised at how well Andres played with Isabel, but he has a lot of younger cousins in Spain that I guess he plays with often, so playing with younger kids is something he can do. Isabel kept him so busy and he didn't seem to mind her bossing him around (although her bossiness today was starting to get on mommy & daddy's nerves.)

We didn't go swimming like we had planned, but we had fun hanging out at our house. Isabel painted a picture (with Ana) that she gave to Ana to take home. One of the things Andres wanted to do while in the U.S. was go bowling. I guess there isn't much for bowling in Spain and it is a little pricey to do when you do find an alley. So, we went bowling. I got a picture of Isabel during the only frame she bowled. She pretty much had a meltdown and refused to bowl (thankfully they had good summer rates, so I wasn't out too much money.) I left with her after the first game and daddy stayed there to hang with his brother & family. It is nice that he will have a little bit more time to spend with them and didn't have to leave because of Miss Crankipants. She did fall asleep halfway home in the car & is now sleeping in her bed in her day clothes.

Speaking of her bed, this is the new bed. Once we got pregnant we knew we were going to have to come up with a new bed for her because we were using part of the crib that converted into a Full-size headboard. So, we started looking for one, found it, finally purchased it, let it sit in the garage for several weeks, and finally today daddy & Uncle Brian put it together. As it turns out, I just found out last night that the crib just got recalled and we were going to have to take it apart and bring it back to Target. I presume they will give us store credit, so now we have to figure out a new crib for this baby. It's kinda a pain in the butt, but I would rather be safe and at least we were going to be taking it apart anyways and hadn't set it up yet. So, what do you think of her new fancy headboard & footboard, pretty girly isn't it. It is a higher bed, so now she really does have to use that stepstool we have in her room to get into bed.

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