Friday, July 10, 2009

Tea Party Playgroup

This morning we had a tea party playgroup. Isabel had asked to have a tea party the other day, so I thought I would see if our Friday playgroup was interested. Yesterday, Isabel & I made suagr cookies, set out some strawberry yogurt-covered raisins and set the table. This morning I made some strawberry jam mini-muffins, cut up some fruit & made sugar cookie tea.

I also prepared a craft for the girls to do. It was a little bag that they could paint & put foam stickers all over. They played in the house a bit and then we went outside.

This afternoon it looks like we will be able to get to the pool. Yeah!

Here is Isabel helping me with making suagr cookies yesterday. She actually helped me with making the dough as well. Her favorite part of baking is cracking the eggs. She has it down pat now and it's been a long time since I have seen an egg shell get away from her. Sometimes I thinks she tells me she wants scrambled eggs for breakfast just so she can crack the eggs and whisk them up. She is not as good at whisking, but she's getting there. She did end up eating a lot of dough. She thought that after we made the cutouts the leftover was to eat, no re-roll.

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