Monday, July 13, 2009

SCHS Extravaganza & more....

Blogger wasn't uploading for me yesterday, so Ihad to wait. Anyways, the top pictures are also featured in the bottom collage, but they are my favorites from yesterday and thought it would nicer to have them bigger. You can always click on the collage to enlarge it.

Anyways, after church yesterday we went to the Steele County Historical Society's 35th Annual Extravaganza. We had a good time. We ate lunch there, went on a horse-drawm wagon ride, she made a bracelet, went inside a train car, looked at a model train, looked at catepillars, chrysallis & monarch butterflies, checked out the old tractors & cars (she really loved looking at the old cars), watched some of the tractor barrel races, watched some branding being done on wood, pumped water, shelled corn and ground corn, oh! and listened to music. I think that was everything we did, plus there was so much more to do.

Afterwards, we came home for storytime & naptime, then went to the pool to swim, then home to practice riding bike and then watched daddy manage a fire in the fire pit. It was a busy day, but didn't feel as busy as it sounds when I type it out. We had fun though.

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