Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Monday of July

We made some recycled crafts today. The above picture is of the milk carton birdfeeder made out of an empty gallon container, sticks that were trimmed from a tree yesterday, some twine & stickers. I did the cutting & tieing. She picked out the sticks, put on all the stickers, filled with bird seed, and picked out the place to hang & hung it up (with a boost from mom). She is really excited to feed blue jays, for some reason they are her favorite bird right now.

This next picture are pencil holders that we made out of tin cans, excess fabric, adhesive, & extra trim pieces. She picked out what fabric she wanted to use on which can out of many choices I gave her, then I cut the fabric & sprayed on adhesive. She rolled the can over the fabric and then I cut the trim pieces and applied the glue and we took turn pressing down the trim (depending upon how thick it was - she didn't want to do the thin ones that might let the hot glue touch her fingers.)
She made the purple one for herself and the other 2 we made as Xmas gifts that will go to her preschool teacher & teacher's aide. I have a couple more projects we will be making to go along with the pencil holders as the teacher gifts.

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