Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toddler Tuesday @ the MOA

We went up to the MOA for Toddler Tuesday. Once school starts she won't be able to go to these since preschool is on Tuesday & Thursday. She doesn't remember, but I have taken her to these twice before when she was younger. Actually, I have only been to the MOA in the last 3 year the 3 times (now) that I have taken her to these events.

Anyways, the theme this week was "French Culture Day". They had out coloring sheets of animals with their name in sheet and a project to make stained (paper) glass cutouts; we only made one off those, Isabel preferred to glue the tissue paper on the cutout rather than make the stained glass. The crafts & pictures you see above are only about half of what she did. She has been a crafting machine lately.

The also gave out crepes & nutella to the kids, which was a nice snack and she loved using a knife to spread on her nutella. They also passed out copies of the first Harry Potter books to all the kids. It will be a few years until I read that to her (or she reads it to herself), but I was glad to get it, as I borrowed the frist 2 books when I read them and the rest I purchased, so now I only need to buy the 2nd one to have the complete set.

And they also had someone read a bunch of Babar books - I am guessing that is a French book - and a couple of people that did a segment of songs & words in French. She has a really great time with this.

Next we headed over to the Lego Imagination Center, but before we got there we stopped at the Rain Forest Cafe and we had to check out the aquariums in the gift shop. She was so excited about all the fish. I was happy to see that because I wanted to take her there sometime after the baby was born. The RFC will have a coupon in the new Twin Cities Entertainment Book (I follow the TCEB on twitter, so that is how I know - plus they will have a Menards coupon in there too - yeah!). Anyways, we spent about a half hour at the Lego Center before we got hungry and it was time to go snag some lunch.

We had lunch at Chipotle. They were one of the places that had free kids meals (with adult purchase) on Toddler Tuesday. Actually, other restaurants had better deals, but I never get fresh Chipotle anymore (usually 45-60 minutes later after daddy picks it up on his way home from work). She got a free small quesadilla (or one taco), which was actually perfect because she hasn't been eating big meals lately.
The last thing we did before we went home was stop at Haagen Daaz and shared a Large Caramel Chocolate Cone ice cream. Yummy!

Once we got into amusement park she was so excited to see she could meet Dora RIGHT AWAY! Her is her favorite right now. We don't actually get Nickelodeon, but we check out a lot of Dora books & dvds from the library. So, she had no idea who Sponge Bob was (or whoever the other character is with him there - I don't know) or any of the other characters that the rides were named for.

On Tuesdays they have a deal where a kid can get a 3-hour wristband for $9.95 + tax for specific rides (that are geared for under 6). There were several that she could ride by herself because she was over 36" and then a few she could ride with a chaperone because she was under 42" and the required chaperone gets to ride for free. So we went on 4 rides together, but she did 18 total, making it 22 rides for that wristband, which made it 50 cents a ride. So, that was a pretty good deal I thought. Her favortite ride was the Wonderpets ride (it's one in the bottom row with 4 kids strapped in). She went on that one 5 times in a row. She did NOT like the Rugrats bumper cars. She hated being bumped into and only went on it once. I thought if they didn't end the ride when it did she might actually start crying.
But overall, we had a fantastic time. I had not planned on the amusement park, but I still felt bad about not letting her go on one $3-4 ride (yes, one ride cost that much for her age - cripes!) at the Rice County Fair after we told her she could go on one and then changed our minds after we saw the price on one. And I doubt she'll get to go on any at the Steele County Fair for that same reason. They just cost too much. So, I figure this was a good thing for her and she was so surprised by all of this since I didn't tell her my plans until we left and we didn't decide on the rides until we got there.
In a month we will probably do this all over again because the these is "The Very Hungry Catepillar" and that character will be making an appearance. She LOVES that book, so she will have fun with it and if I have enough energy in 4 more weeks (I'll be 31 weeks pregnant) we'll go do that. I may have to talk to grandma about seeing if she is interested in joining us. I will probably only be able to do the carousel with her at that point. I think my belly will be too big to do some of the other rides.

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