Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mommy & Me Day

Today was a relaxed mommy & me day. We went to the gym and then to get mom's haircut, then to the dollar store (where she got to pick out a special prize because she was soooooo good while mommy got her haircut) and then home for some lunch, some shows, storytime & naptime.

The above picture is from today. She is wearing one of the shirts and the shorts we tie-dyed yesterday. She was very excited to wear them.

This is from yesterday and is the final craft project we did. It is her 3-year old handprint. We had received a stacking series of these (ages 1-5), and I just forgot about getting it out to do, so now we did it. Not too terribly late. I did order one of these kids for baby boy. I want him to have the same opportunities for childhood memoribila as Isabel and since her stuff (handprint kit, baby book, & 1st year calendar) was all gifts I have to find ones for him.

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