Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fleet Farm Kid's Fishing Day

This afternoon we took her to Fleet Farm for their kid's fishing day. It was advertised on the front of this week's circular and I called to find out what it was about. They had a bunch of stations the kids went around to and learned about fishing, got a signature and then at the end turned in their completed sheet for a grab bag filled with fishing supplies, a hat, kids sungalasses & a small bag of chips, plus she got gummy worms and tattoos at a couple of the stations.

She had a lot of fun going fishing with our friends that one day, so this was kinda neat, plus we got some freebies to start our own tackle box. We plan to take her fishing again soon (kids under 14 can fish w/o a license in MN) and we might just buy our own equipment & license so that we can fish with her. We thought, we may do that when we go up north at the end of the month.

You can see a picture of her grabbing at the minnows to put in the minnow races. She really got a kick out of most of the activities (which there were more than I pictured).

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