Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Fall-Like July Saturday

It was a chilly Saturday in July (another day where it never even hit 70 - bah!). Daddy says he likes it, but I would have rather had it be about 10 degrees warmer (at least) and have the sun be out. Anyways, we started out our afternoon going to the Customer Appreciation Day at the Faribault Harley Davidson. Isabel liked trying our bikes with daddy. I think daddy found a cruiser he would really like to own some day.

After the HD dealership, we went to the Rice County Fair. It was really small, at least compared to what we are used to with our county fair. But she seemed to have fun. She enjoyed seeing the animals and petting the ones in the petting zoo. And she really enjoyed getting to eat cotton candy, which we still have some left.

On the way home she fell asleep. I have to take pictures of these peaceful sleeping moments and remind myself that she does slow down at some point. After a rough start this morning, she had gotten herself in a better mood and we all had a good day. She likes to be silly and try to make us be silly. This nap didn't last too long because as soon as I tried to carry her in the house she woke up and that was the end of that.

This evening, Isabel & I made some supper. We went out to the garden and picked some veggies. She loves to go out there with me and pick/eat veggies. We picked several yellow squash & zucchini and some peas which we used in our soup. The few green beans that have grown were eaten by her in the garden, and she even got a few raspberries from a bush we planted this year. We actually planted 2 bushes, but one died already. Anyways, we also put some herbs (chives, oregano, sage & tarragon) from our garden in the soup. To all of that we added chicken soup base, water, leftover chicken (that we made the other day that we bought from a local farmer), onion, celery, & carrots. Isabel was very excited to make Vegetable Soup. Daddy just has to live with the fact that mommy likes to make soup as a meal. :)

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