Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Today was a busy day that started out with a trip to the gym. After I am done with my yoga class and go get Isabel from Kids Club, she likes to "workout" herself. We usually ends up doing a rep of 10 on 4 different machines. Of course she can't do it herself so I have to get on the machine and help her. Although, it will get harder to do on some as my stomach continues to get larger.

This afternoon we had a couple of friends over for a "Relaxation" playdate. This was definitly a playdate for the moms (all three of us). I had won an hour chair massage that was to be split up between 3, 4 or 6 people. It ended up being 3 of us getting 20 minutes massages. I had the massage therapist set up in the hallway upstairs and the other moms played in the basement playrooms with the kids so that optimal relaxation could be achieved w/o child interruption.
I made some snacks for us, which you can see a couple of them: watermelon w/ mint leaves (from my flower bed) and cucumber sandwiches (croissant half topped with a ranch dip, garden greens from my garden, cucumber slice & tomato slice) and I also made snack necklaces for the kids out of Fruit Loops (which were a huge hit with the youngest ones) and a veggie tray. I also made raspberry daquiris (na for me). And to help the relaxation continue for my mommy friends I made some chocolates for them to take home, and a little gift basket (reused a strawberry basket) with lavendar foot bath salts (I put those together) some bath gel from Bath & Body Works and a tealight candle from PartyLite.
I enjoyed putting together & planning out the food & activities & take home for this "theme" playdate. On Friday morning, we are having a Tea Party theme with some friends fom our usual Friday playgroup. The kids will get dressed up & Isabel & I are making cookies tomorrow for this and we will have sugar cookie tea. I still have to come up with a craft. I had an idea of one to do, but I don't know if it will be too messy for dressed up kiddos.
Next week we are having a Tie-Dye Party & Potluck Lunch with several friends, so that will be a lot of fun. And then the week after we are doing a Grandmother/Mother/Granddaughter Luncheon with daddy's side of the family. That is actually at Grandma M.'s house, so she will be planning the food, but Isabel & I planned out the craft that we will do & bought all the supplies for that.

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