Friday, July 03, 2009


Daddy took this picture and it's just hard to get all the kids looking the same way and the same time & looking decent. It almost looks like she's getting choked here, but she's not. This is the 2nd time Isabel has met her cousin Andres, who lives in Spain. It was almost 2 years ago last time, so she didn't remember him. But he was willing to give her attention & tickle her, so she wa loving it. They are coming over to our place this afternoon & evening. We hope to go swimming if the weather cooperates and we plan to go bowling in the evening. Andres really wanted to go bowling when he came to the US to visit & Isabel likes to bowl, so this works out nicely.

This was taken Wednesday night, when the entire M clan went out to eat at Applebee's.

This was last night at the 11 @ 7 concert. I believe the name of the band is NiteRail. They did a 2-hour Blues concert. It was good. We had fun. Most of the concert are right around an hour, so a longer one was nice. And it was nice that daddy was able to join us. Usually it is just Isabel & mommy going to these because daddy is just getting home when the concerts start and we would still have to drive there, which cuts out on how much of the hour concert we can see. Plus, we like to go to the library before we head over to the concert.

Yesterday morning Isabel & I took grandma M to see the Wizard of Oz at the Stages Theatre. This was the last of the 3 ticketed events we had bought her as part of her Christmas present. Not sure if I will do that again this year since we will have the baby and I just don't want to plan anything until I know what he is like. Isabel was not the easiest infant and I had to be the nap-nazi if we wanted to stay sane, so I am prepared to have to be that way once again. Plus, she was not (still is not) a car sleeper and often hated being in the car as an infant, so if baby boy is that way we tend to refrain from long car rides unless we have too.
Anyways, it was a very good play. I really enojyed it. Normally the plays there are about an hour, but this one was 1.5 hours and she did pretty good. At the end she had a hard time staying seated, but there was enough action in the play that she was able to be redirected easily. I do recommend taking your kids to see it.
I do have tickets so that she & I can see 2 more plays before the baby is born. Next month we are seeing "Junglebook" and in September we are seeing "I Like Me". I'll wait until the baby is a couple months old before I get us tickets to any other plays or concerts.

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